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The Power of You

An Open Letter to All Who are "Lost"

Of all journeys we embark on in life, none is as heroic and inspiring as the journey of self-discovery. The monsters we fear, the battles we fight, the winding road we mindlessly go down. It is our challenges, our insecurities, and our life situations, that make up our genetic framework.

Despite popular belief, life isn't about finding yourself. You already exist. You have already been created. What is there to find? Your passion? Your dream? Your belief system? That is not something you can find nor should even waste time trying. If you're going through life constantly searching, you'll live a life blindfolded from the answers. There is no life map to rely on. There is no "X marks the spot".

Though the journey of you is an ongoing and ever changing adventure, its evolution stems from the foundation brought upon us when we were very young - that we were not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough, fill-in-the-blank enough. But who has the power to determine what "enough" is? Who in society gave such authority and how do we remove this villainous being from power?

The reality is, that villain is you.

As the saying goes, "we are our own worst critics" and only you have yourself to blame. Sure, perhaps it's your parents who have instilled in your head an elysian type of life you should live. Maybe it's your sphere of influence who have morphed your views on what image you should be exemplifying. Maybe it's the celebrities and influencers you idolize that’s painted your perception on the lifestyle you should live. But here’s the twist. This is your story. This is your novel. So stop reading, and start writing.

All humans are 99.9% identical. That’s right, you’re just like everybody else. There’s really nothing unique about you. Or is there? It just so happens that the measly 0.1% of our genome is actually made up of three million base pairs. What this means is there are about 3 million variations that could exist in the human genome, altering the “fixed” 99.9%.

Let’s say your DNA is a house. There are certain attributes you can have - two story, 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, etc. These all represent the 0.1% - the “differences” between one house from the next. The fixed 99.9% represent all the necessary variants it takes to function - plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical etc. Electricity comes from your local utility company by a power line or underground through a conduit. But modern technology and innovation has brought an alternative source powered by solar and wind. A change in what was once a static variant. Diving further, we’re also now exploring the potential of a “bio-hydrogren real-time power generation system” relying solely on biomass such as animal manure, crop waste, wood, sugar crops, urban garbage, aquatic plants and energy crops.

What I’m trying to get to is, what we believe is static may actually not be. More than 0.1% of a house can change so more than 0.1% of a human genome can change as well. And it’s up to you to make it happen. Everyone is born with uniqueness yet the vast majority follow in mediocrity.What a shame it is to live with an attribute no one else possesses, yet die never sharing it with the world.

You might not know what your uniqueness is just yet, and that’s alright. But I can guarantee you won’t find it in a fashion magazine, in a reality tv show, or on social media.

It’s time we stop giving a shit about other’s perception of us and what we should be. It’s time we stop the over consumption of social media – none of that shit is real. It’s time we stop chastising ourselves for making mistakes. And It’s time we start embracing all the unique qualities that have morphed and will continue to morph into who we are. It’s time we start living with authenticity. It’s time we start being who we are and not what we think we’re supposed to be. It’s time we start being real with ourselves. It’s time we be true to ourselves.

That’s the driving force behind TruleYours. I got tired of never fitting in. I never dressed the right way, I never said the right thing. I never did the right anything. Until now. Because now, I don’t give a fuck. I am who I am, take it or take a left at the next stop.

Now, I can imagine, that in the midst of all of this mumbo jumbo you’re reading, you are probably naively thinking that you are true to yourself. I would beg to differ and I challenge you to ask yourself and really think about it.

Do you know who you are? Like deep down, do you know what you stand for? Do you know what your values are? Do you live by them day in day out? Do you know what you aspire to? Spend some time with yourself and get to you know you. You’ll probably find there’s a whole new you, you never knew existed.

Only once you get real clarity as to who you are can you live true to yourself.

As always, Trule Yours,
The dreamer behind the vision, the voice behind the cause, the misfit behind the mission.

About the Author

Stacy Zolnikov

Stacy is the CEO and Co-Founder of this crazy little mission aimed at solving the fashion industry's “fit problem” and saving the environment at the same time. She reads a lot and when her mind can’t handle any more information, she often spits it out in a sarcastically driven, but research based article.

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