Stop guessing your body size and start shopping for your body type

Your body is unique, just like your personality and fashion style
The right size might not be the right fit.
Trule Your Fit

We capture your body measurements and convert it to your favorite brands' size. No measuring tapes. No guesses. No returns. No hassle.

Online shopping websites with accurate and precise body measurements.
Trule Your Style

No body type is the same. What looks good on one body, may not look good on yours. We apply your personal preferences to your body type for ultimate styling recommendations.

Trule Your Body

Bodies change. Whether you gain weight or lose weight, easily recapture your measurements & view your body transformation in 3D.

How it Works

We take your body size & body type to create a 3D virtual mannequin so you can shop for online shopping websites.

We convert your measurements to each retailers' sizing structure so you don't have to guess between a size Small, a size 6, or a size 34.

Put on our patent-pending stretchable shirt or leggings and within the press of a button, our smart fabric transmits data measurements to your profile.

Our smart fabric includes over 100 sensors & and smart technology to capture your body measurements for confidence and precise body size.
We know each brand & online shopping websites have a different sizing structure
We get how confusing sizing charts are
We understand that vanity-sizing has led to this
We feel your pain in trying on clothes
We struggle with shopping online for others as well
We hate the hassle of returns just like you


TruleYours is on a rapid development cycle! We put all our heart and soul into developing what our community of online shoppers need. We’re on a rapid development cycle, putting us on schedule to launch our beta version this February, 2018!

Capture precise measurements of your body type and browse and purchase apparel online with confidence.
Accurate Measurements

Our smart fabric has over 100 sensors, specifically designed to measure every part of your body.

We use machine learning & artificial intelligence to create fashion style recommendations based on your body type for online shopping websites.
Style Recommendations

We take your body composition, style preferences & online shopping habits to give you the right styles.

Fit Recommendations

In addition to size, we'll let you know if you should expect it to be "tight around the arms" or other "fit" uncertainties.

Using machine learning & artificial intelligence, you can shop online anywhere & trust you are getting the correct size for your body type.
Shop Anywhere

Browse and purchase within the platform, a retailer website or through your favorite social media channels.

3D Modeling

View an accurate 3D virtual model of your body. See how your body has transformed and how close you are to your goal size.

Shop for Others

We make online shopping for family & friends easy. Insert their TruleYours id to get the right size.

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